Se hoje em dia o DIY é um assunto ultrapassado nos blog de moda brasileiros, lá fora com a crise econômica e recessão em muitos países, o que mais se vê são postagens desse tipo! Eu particularmente adoro, porque além de ser uma forma bapha de economizar, ainda serve como terapia e ajuda a gente a desestressar e aliviar as tensões ui filosofada hahahahahaha E Falando nisso, o melhor blog ever é o PS. I made this, que depois de ter se tornado um livro agora está no tumblr, e cheio de idéias de como ficar na tendência na base do faça você mesmo! E olha que diy mara para você entrar na onda do pulseirismo rapidinho!
Friends are Flowers you pick for yourself, and I’m lucky to say that I’m blessed with the worlds most amazing bouquet of besties!  Actions speak louder than words, so don’t just tell your friends how much they mean to you, show them!  My friends at WHO WHAT WEAR and I agree that the demand for colorful and cool friendship bracelets using the COBRA stitch are back in a major way! I’ve been drawn to MARNI’S take on the friendship bangle creation for quite some time.  Get inspired and get involved. Create chic BFF bracelets that represent the color your clan brings into your life.  Everyone needs that reminder as well as a new accessory from time to time… make a note, and make a bracelet. 
 To create: Cut 3 pieces of ribbon or colorful rope (12” for base, Ribbon A & B approx 1 yard).  Fuse together the ends of the 2 colors of ribbon with a small drop of glue.  Do not start using ribbons, until completely dry.  Tape down the shorter, center ribbon, to a steady and flat surface.   To begin with the Cobra stitch, use Ribbon A, and cross over the center (base ribbon) making a loop.  Bring Ribbon B under the tail and through Ribbon A’s loop.  Once knotted through, pull Ribbon A & B equally, that will knot around base ribbon.  Continue pattern and alternate the lead Ribbon from side to side.  PS- If your pattern starts to go Spiral, that means you knotted on the same side and should un-do, and start on the alternate side.  Once you have a Cobra pattern that is long enough for a bracelet, double knot ends, trim and tie off for a Chic Cobra Bracelet.  Brave your Bestie on your wrist for a bold accessory, but more importantly- a blissful reminder of your BFF.  PS- Check out MORE J’amazing versions of friendship bracelets on WHO WHAT WEAR!

E uma de minhas preferidas, uma clutch Prada feelings para guardar o ipad olha que show:
Welcome to Stripe City: The global destination for horizontal, linear, and colorful eye-candy.  This perfect storm combines unexpected and breezy bold stripes with the hues we are seeing all over the runways.  Prada is clearly the front runner with their SS11 collections.  Prada’s designs use a bevy of bold colors donned on dresses, handbags, and shoes.  Their palette of bright orange, pink, black and white is flawless.  My good friend, style innovator, Andrew Mukamal, and I dreamed up the ultimate ipad clutch inspired by this seasons must have color combo.  It’s perfect for our on-the-go adventures and also works as a non-tech accessories, to tote around town.
To create a version of your own, reach for a durable kitchen drawn liner, heavy duty, colorful tapes (Duck, Gorilla, and Gaffers are my favorites), Velcro and scissors.  Measure (by wrapping your ipad around), and cut to size.  Fold bottom half up, and tape all around to seal and secure.  Continue to tape and smooth away any lumps and air bubbles. Stick pieces of velcro as the clasp and your clutch is complete!  Get creative with your patterns and colors.  Yell it from your pipes: I love STRIPES!
E o brinco de franjas?! Um dos melhores ever:
“L” stands for Long and Luxe.  The lovely ladies at Who What Wear and I both fell hardcore for Chanel’s dramatic chain earrings, which embody these 2 “L’s”.  Chanel’s SS11 runway boasted gold and black decadence that dripped and made jaws drop.  Karl Lagerfeld’s sophisticated lady, toyed with her inner rebel- migrated downtown- and showed her wild side.  Live long and prosperous, like a Lagerfeld Lady, and….P.S.- create something you’re longing for!
To create a waterfall of wonderful chain inspired by Uncle Karl’s, connect jump rings to long pieces of cut chain using small pliers.  Create two long clusters of chain, attaching them together by threading fishing line through a ribbon clamp.  This will create a full chain with lots of movement.  Triple knot and snip off ends of fishing line.  Use a strong adhesive glue to attach earring posts onto the back of the ribbon clamp.  Hold in place for a few seconds, and let dry completely before moving.  To achieve a bottom of black ombre, lay earrings on flat covered surface and lightly spray from middle down, using matte spray paint.  Let dry- flip, and spray another light layer (PS- spray outside!) When earrings are dry, you’re ready to rock em!
Então gente, pensando nisso, resolvi resgatar essa tag e vou ensinar pra vocês toda semana como fazer DIY dignos e pra lá de caprichados! O que acham!??